Residents encouraged to plant trees in their yard

Published on: July 18th, 2023

1,000 Trees in 2023! initiative seeks to increase Lethbridge’s tree canopy

The City of Lethbridge is pleased to announce an important climate-resiliency initiative, 1,000 Trees in 2023! This campaign aims to inspire and empower residents to plant and care for trees on their private property, contributing to a thriving, climate-resilient urban forest for future generations.

In Lethbridge, engaged citizens have always been vital stewards of our urban forest. Most of our city’s trees are planted on private property, and many of the beautiful large trees we enjoy today were planted decades ago by caring residents.

“Planting a tree is more than a gardening activity; it’s a legacy project,” says Paige Rosner, Environmental Education & Community Projects Lead at Helen Schuler Nature Centre. “A tree planted today will make its greatest impact 30-50 years from now, providing shade, beauty, and ecological benefits to future generations.”

The 1,000 Trees in 2023! initiative aims to provide residents with the information and resources needed to successfully plant a tree. The Lethbridge Tree Guide was developed to help residents select the right tree for the right place in their yard. Since Lethbridge is in the grassland region, it is important to consider tree selection carefully. The initiative also includes a tree registry. Residents can record details about their trees to help increase understanding of the types of trees located on private property. 

By participating in 1,000 Trees in 2023! residents contribute to a more resilient community. Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but offer an array of benefits such as reducing energy costs for heating and cooling buildings, cleaning the air by removing pollutants, and mitigating the severity and frequency of flooding events by holding, filtering, and slowly releasing water.

Trees support us in numerous ways, and 1,000 Trees in 2023! is a chance for Lethbridge residents to reciprocate that support. A city with trees is more livable. Trees contribute to our quality of life offering shade and shelter from the wind. Furthermore, trees improve people’s health by reducing stress, enhancing mood, and boosting our immune systems.

“Our vision for a healthy urban forest includes a diversity of tree species and age groups,” says Anna Larney, Urban Forestry Technician with the City of Lethbridge.

Residents, landscapers, and anyone interested in forestry and parks are encouraged to get involved in 1,000 Trees in 2023! This is a great opportunity to strengthen our urban forest and ensure Lethbridge remains beautiful and resilient for generations to come.

Visit for more information on the initiative, as well as the Lethbridge Tree Guide.

The City of Lethbridge acknowledges that we are gathered on the lands of the Blackfoot people of the Canadian Plains and pays respect to the Blackfoot people past, present and future while recognizing and respecting their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship to the land. The City of Lethbridge is also home to the Metis Nation of Alberta, Region III.